Wednesday, December 14, 2011

6 months old!!!!

Love this baby!

How can you resist this face?

E loves to hang out by the tree
and admire the lights

showing off his two front teeth

chipmunk cheeks ;)

Easton James
6 months
16 lbs
27 in

Little E is six months old today. My heart is breaking because my baby is getting so big. The time is flying by way too fast. Every day we love him more and feel so blessed to have this silly baby boy in our lives.

Easton has his two bottom teeth now. He is constantly gnawing on anything and everything including fingers so watch out! His drooling has reached a new level of impressiveness. If I don't put a bib on him I have to change his clothes after about 1o minutes because he is dripping wet.

He now reaches for things with both arms stretched out. ( so adorable) He is becoming more and more snugly. He loves silly voices and has this funny little half laugh he does that melts me. Each morning after he wakes up we go visit Grandma Chrispy and Easton dances for us in the mirror. He moves his little legs so fast like he's doing an irish jig. We love it!!

Easton is a happy boy and generally doesn't fuss. He is becoming more vocal and will just yell happily all of the time. He is mesmerized by Baby Einstein and would watch for hours if we would let him.

Easton Loves:
bath time
baby einstein dvds
his blue teddy bear
funny voices
his bink

Easton Hates:
getting dressed
having his face wiped
having his nose picked
baby einstein toy that makes animal noises

Monday, November 14, 2011

My Heart......

....belongs to this yummy baby boy!

5 Months Old!!!

Easton 5 months

Easton Loves:
green beans
pulling off his socks
reaching for everything
baby einstein
bath time

Easton Hates:
having his nose wiped
being left alone
getting dressed

I cannot believe how fast the time goes. E's first tooth broke through this past week and he rolled from back to belly for the first time a few days ago. He is entertaining the idea of scooting. He tries so hard to move and gets very frustrated when it doesn't happen. He is getting really good at eating solids. He really loves green beans and seems to not care for peaches. He has found his feet and tries to shove them in his mouth any chance he gets. He still drools like a St. Bernard ;) Easton is a very happy baby. He is really good at napping during the day and is getting better at night. He makes everyone around him happy. His smiles are the best and his laughs and coos melt our hearts daily. Life with him around is heaven!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Boys

Oh I love these boys!

Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween

Easton's first Halloween was a busy one!! Saturday night we went to Great Grandma and Grandpa Pyper's neighborhood to trick or treat with all of the cousins. Sunday we got together with both sides of the family for a delicious taco dinner and then a lively round of "Cackle Witch Cackle". Monday night we went to Claudia's for chili, cornbread, and homemade doughnuts!!! We had lots of long days and late nights and E was a champ! He is becoming such a mellow good baby! He looked adorable in his little skeleton outfit and his "mummy loves me" jammies. E's skeleton outfit glows in the dark and so we would turn out all of the lights and have him dance in front of the mirror. It was hilarious and Easton loved it ;)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

4 months old!!!

Easton at 4 months:
14 lbs 4 oz
25.5 inches

Easton Loves:
grabbing things and shoving them in his mouth
going from sitting to standing with moms help
assisted sit ups
tummy time
bath time
baby mozart

Easton Hates:
having his nose prodded for boogers
being strapped into the car seat
being hot
waiting for food

Easton is a tall little guy with just the perfect amount of chub! He is growing nicely and is reaching milestones right on track. He has just started entertaining and talking to himself. I can tell he loves the sound of his voice. When he is chilling with his toys he gets really serious and it's almost like he is yelling at his toys. It is hilarious.

He is very social and loves watching people. He gives smiles freely and is laughing much more often now and for longer periods of time. He currently loves to dance in front of the mirror with mom. His favorite song is "The Itsy Bitsy Spider".

Easton went through a two week period of constipation. So horrible for everyone!!!! He was miserable and so were Case and I. After lots of diluted fruit juice, tummy massages, rectal stimulation, and finally several suppositories, our little guy is back on track and pooping all on his own!!! Hooray. (sorry if that is tmi, but I wanted to write it down so I have a record of it)

I was so desperate to help E sleep better that I decided to revisit swaddling (so many of my friends swear by it) I went online and read several articles about swaddling and different techniques. The first time I tried it he fell asleep within 1 minute. Miracle!!!!! It was always such a struggle to get E to sleep and now it's no big deal. He does still wake up more than I would like at night, but he always goes right back to sleep after eating or putting the binki back in. Why oh why did I not figure out swaddling earlier? ;))

We love our little man and cannot believe how much he is changing and growing. He is becoming more adorable everyday. He is our biggest source of entertainment. We love watching him be the silly baby that he is!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

On the Move!

Easton is officially rolling over. The first time he did it he kind of scared himself and looked really worried but then broke into a huge smile because he was no longer on his tummy. (victory) He used to detest being on his tummy but is now starting to enjoy tummy time. While on his tummy he scrunches his legs up and tries to get on his knees! This is very alarming to me because he is still so little. I am not ready for my baby to start moving but he has other plans. He has been a mover and shaker since day one. He rarely holds still.

He is becoming more vocal and loves to hear himself gab. When he is tired he gets this really serious tone that makes me giggle. He is going to be a goofball like his dad. He loves to be silly and has the most adorable smile in the world!

He has started falling asleep in his crib which is a miracle! I usually had to rock him or nurse him to sleep or there was serious screaming. We decided to practice the extinction method and let him cry himself to sleep. (so sad ) It works! We still aren't perfect (all 3 of us sometimes struggle) but for the most part it has gone very well and he really only cries for a few minutes at the most now! I believe this helps him sleep longer and he is able to put himself back to sleep when he wakes up at night. Wahoo for better sleeping at the Bacon's!!

Easton has started to recognize his food! When I get ready to nurse he holds his hands out and tries to grab on. So adorable. With his bottle he grabs on and brings it to his mouth. Such a little smarty pants. He is so impatient with his food so it's really funny to watch him frantically reach for it!

Easton loves sitting in the bumbo. He also really enjoys watching Baby Mozart from the Baby Einstein series. It's 18 minutes of guaranteed time for me to get things done!

We are moving!!! Casey has decided to go back to BYU for winter semester and finish a BA in Computer Science. We are going to live with his parents in Provo to save some cash and have help with E when we can't coordinate work and school schedules. We are excited for this little adventure and feel great about this next step in our lives. We are sad to be leaving our fabulous apartment and our wonderful friends and especially moving away from Kim and her fam! We will have to come back to PG often to visit our peeps!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

3 months old!!!!

Easton loves his squishy ball

3 months old

Easton is 3 months old today! E is getting so big and is becoming so much fun to play with. He is very interactive and talkative. He has a full belly laugh now and loves when Case and I sing to him and play little games with him.

He is very close to rolling over. He scoots in circles by kicking his legs and pushing off of things. He loves to grab things and put them in his mouth. He especially loves to do this with blankets. He loves his squishy ball (because it is so light and easy to grab) and he also loves his baby einstein music toy.

Easton drools constantly. He is pretty much dripping with drool. He reminds me of a little hound dog with his droopy cheeks and all of that drool ;) He still loves his bath and still hates to sleep. He is getting better at night but it's always a struggle to get that boy to go to sleep!

We love him more everyday and are having so much fun getting to know him and his goofy personality.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Conversations with Easton

Easton is a very chatty baby. His noises are so hilarious and adorable. However, when he makes these noises in the middle of the night instead of sleeping they are a little less adorable. Disregard my lameness as I talk to my son. I know I sound like a doofus and I am ok with that ;)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Bacon Bit's Project Corner

I needed a wedding gift for my cousin Jordan and his beautiful wife Lori and had no idea what to get for them. I have a limited budget for gifts and so I racked my brain for ideas.

A few years ago my sister's friend made her a fun cake stand using a random decorative plate and a glass dessert cup. It was adorable! I decided to head to Hobby Lobby and see what I could come up with.

They had so many gorgeous plates and most of them were on sale for 50% off! After finding the perfect plate I went to the candlestick holder section and found the base for my creation. (also 50% off) I used Scotch brand maximum strength adhesive (I learned afterwards that E6000 is even better for this type of project) to glue it together and then finished it off with some fun ribbon.

Grand total for this project was $11.00! I love the way it turned out. It looks like something you would buy in a boutique and it was so easy to do!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Baby E

Life is so wonderful now that Baby E is in our lives. He is a happy, smiley, social baby and we can't get enough of him. He has blessed our lives and made us so happy. We are truly smitten with our silly baby boy.

Easton is a very strong baby. He is constantly wiggling and moving which makes holding him kind of tricky. He loves to lean his head all the way back when you are holding him so he can look around and check out the situation. He is not a snugly baby. Only with mom and only when he is super tired. He isn't fussy but he is stubborn and will let you know when he isn't digging the situation. When he is hungry he gets this really funny impatient little cough that will turn into a snort if I take too long. Sometimes I will take a little longer on purpose just so I can hear the snort. It's hilarious! ( I know I am a mean mother)

Some of Easton's favorites:
taking a bath (this is his most favorite thing to do)
soft blankets
his binky
being sung to and/or talked to
being on his back
his swing
being held like a football

Some of Easton's not so favorites:
being in the car
loud noises
being swaddled
being hot

Easton does not like going to sleep. He would rather be awake and part of whatever is going on. He can be so super tired and basically catatonic but will fight to keep his eyes open at all costs. At night after nursing he will fall asleep in my arms but the second I put him down his eyes pop open and he wants to play. He gets me every time with his goofy little smile and his funny squeals. Its hard to be mad at him when he is so stinkin cute.

Easton just had his 2 month well check and is currently 12 lbs 11 oz and is 23 1/2 inches long. He definitely is growing nicely ;) He is starting to get too tall for his 0-3 month clothes which makes me so sad. He has lost his newborn look and is now such a cute little baby. He looks so much like his dad it's crazy. He basically is a mini Casey and I'm just fine with that. I happen to quite like the way Casey looks.

What an amazing thing to be a mother to such a wonderful sweet baby boy. I knew I would love being a momma but I had no idea how much.

Monday, August 15, 2011

my current obsession

I am in love with a little blog known as LOVE!!!! Let me just say AMAZING :) Every recipe I have tried I have loved and I have tried many. I always have people ask me for the recipes. I love to cook and share my creations with others and I'm telling you these ladies do not disappoint! Two mormon girls started it years ago as a way to share recipes with friends and family and now they are a blogging world sensation. You must go to their blog and check it out. You can also buy their cookbook which I have and adore. You can get it online, at deseret book, or currently at Costco.

Recipes not to miss:
Cinnamon Bun Caramel Corn ( I make it without the pecans. To die for)
Key Lime Tarts ( so incredibly easy and very impressive looking and tasting )
Mint Brownies (when I made these several people commented on how they are way better than BYU's famous mint brownies ;0)
Lemon Zucchini Fettucini ( probably my favorite pasta dish I have ever made )
Guiltless Alfredo Sauce
Bacon Artichoke with Penne Bake
Grilled Taco Chicken (I use this easy yummy chicken for lots of different recipes )
Baked Creamy Chicken Taquitos
BBQ Chicken Cobb Salad
Creamy Cilantro Lime Ranch Dressing ( so delicious and so close to cafe rios recipe )
Herb-Rosemary Focaccia Loaves ( these are dangerous because I can eat the whole loaf in one sitting)
Breadsticks ( I make this recipe and roll them in cinnamon and sugar and serve with cream cheese frosting. Remember tricky sticks from pizza pipeline?)
Stuffed Pizza Rolls
Garlic Bread Seasoning ( I will never use anything else for garlic bread again )
Caramel Toffee Fruit Dip ( so tasty with granny smith apples )
Fluffy Orange Fruit Dip

The only thing I don't like about my new obsession is that I am never going to be skinny again. I have the hardest time not trying all of the yummy fattening delicious recipes! Our Best Bites should be called Our Big Butts! Go check out the blog and make something tasty. I promise you will love it.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

2 months old!!!!

My Baby is getting so big! He is already
2 months old! Time has gone by
way too fast.

Easton enjoying the bumbo for the first time.
He is still a little small for it. His head was quite
floppy because he is such a squirmer but he still
loved it and was all smiles.

I love this outfit. His face is hilarious in this
picture. I love his little tiny faux hawk!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chunkin Chortle

Emma 6 m0, Kael 8 mo, Easton 1 mo

Casey's brother CJ came home from his mission last week and so we had lots of family in town for his homecoming address. We also blessed Easton on Sunday. As many of you know Casey called the baby Chort before he got here. The name kind of stuck and now several family members lovingly call him Chort. Elora, sister to Kael, likes to call Easton Chunkin Chortle. It's pretty funny considering how chunky Kael is. Kael is massive and probably one of the jolliest babies you will ever meet. I had to get some pictures of Easton next to him because its comical really.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sock Monkey

Easton loves to fling his arms like a crazy person! He has been scratching his face so much that I finally gave in and put some mittens on. The mittens did not stay due to his crazy arm flinging and so I resorted to socks! He looks so silly but I love it and it prevents the nasty scratches on his tiny darling face! Love my little sock monkey ;)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

1 month old!!!!

This picture is too funny. I found this little tie
and just had to get it for Easton. He looks ticked
in this picture.

He was slowly sliding down as I took the picture.
We are still working on posing for photos.

Easton is 1 month in this picture. I cannot believe
He is a month old. It has gone by so fast.

Monday, July 11, 2011

practice photo shoot

My friend Shelby has an awesome camera and asked if she could "practice" doing a newborn photo session with Easton. I was super excited because she was willing to do it for free. Easton is just a week old in these pictures and I think for her first time taking pictures of a newborn she did an awesome job! Thank you Shelby for capturing our precious boy!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

How do you like to sleep?

I don't think there is any question what position Easton likes to sleep in. We try to swaddle him all nice and tight and he freaks out. He immediately starts squirming until his hands are up by his face. This can get tricky because he ends up whacking himself in the face and it usually wakes him up or pops out the binki. He definitely has a strong little personality :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

tub time

Baby E loves bath time. Without fail he pees the second he gets settled in to that warm water. This is very disturbing to me and so I usually am holding him up out of the pee water trying to get him clean. This is not an easy task. Bath time for me is a little stressful, but he loves it!!

First 4th of July

This is our first family photo. Aren't my boys handsome? I realized I didn't have any pictures of the three of us together, ( not in love with my post baby self ) so I gave in and let Kim snap a photo of us. Easton looked so patriotic in his little red white and blue. He is getting bigger and it is breaking my heart. This tiny phase won't last very long and so I am trying to cherish it and enjoy him as a newborn. I cannot believe he is already 3 weeks old!

Rockin his new shades from the twins

Thursday, June 30, 2011


That pretty much sums up my physical state right now. I am one squishy lady. I want to be non squishy and so I am starting to think of ways to get motivated and get my squishy self into shape.
I don't love feeling squishy but I do love my squishy baby. He has ultra squishy cheeks and I love to squish his squishy cheeks up to my squishy cheeks and have a very squishy moment. I guess squishy isn't so bad ;)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Baby Boy Is Here!!!!

Easton James Bacon
Born June 14, 2011 at 10:41 a.m.
8 lbs 4 oz and 20"

He is finally here and we couldn't be happier. He is healthy and happy and in my opinion pretty adorable. I am documenting the labor and delivery just so I will have an accurate account. Feel free to skip this part.

I started feeling contractions early Monday morning around 2 am. I had lost my mucus plug the night before and was having bloody show and so I was pretty excited and thinking I was possibly in labor. The contractions were strong enough to keep me awake and coming every 5-7 mins. This went on for several hours but I didn't want to wake Case because I wasn't hurting that bad and really wasn't sure if I was in real labor or not. Around 7 am the contractions all but stopped. I was so depressed that it was a false alarm. I had to keep myself busy so I started cleaning the house like a mad woman. Throughout the morning I had contractions here and there. They were strong and painful but not close together. Around 2 p.m. I was out and about shopping and the contractions started coming very close together. They were painful enough that I had to stop what I was doing and breath through it. By 4 the contractions had been 3 mins apart for 2 hours and I was starting to get very uncomfortable. By 6 I was very ready to go to the hospital. We checked in around 7:15 and they checked me right away. I was dilated to a 2 and so they had me wait an hour and see if I was progressing. In an hour I was at a 3 and by 9 p.m. I was at a 4. I was in pain and decided I might as well get the epidural. Why endure more pain than necessary ;) The epidural was magical. It did slow my progress down a little bit. I stayed at a 4 for a few hours. The nurse came to check me and decided to call the resident in to break my water. She left to go and get the resident and while she was gone I heard a pop and then felt a gush. My water had broken on its own and from that point on I progressed about 1 centimeter every hour. By 6 a.m. I was at a 10 and fully effaced but little Easton's head had not dropped. The Dr. decided to have me rest for an hour or so to see if his head would drop on its own. At 7:45 a.m. I started pushing.....and pushing, and pushing. I pushed for 2:45 mins before the Dr. came and decided I needed a little help. At 10:35 a.m. they got me ready with the forceps and by 10:41 a.m. Easton had arrived.

Labor and Delivery was nothing like I expected. I didn't know what to expect. I felt like it was never going to end, but it was relatively painless and my recovery has been pretty smooth. We feel so blessed that our baby is finally here and that everything went so smoothly. Easton is straight from heaven and has such a sweet and loving spirit. I look at him and am just bursting with love. Being a mom is amazing, emotional, and challenging, but so incredible and worth all of the sleepless nights. We love our baby boy.

Friday, June 10, 2011

39 1/2 weeks......still pregnant

Yes I am still pregnant. No I have not had the baby yet. Yes I am about ready to pop. I took a picture of my belly today, stretch marks and all, and I was horrified. It's massive. I am not posting that picture. I will post the one with my belly covered though. Impressive right? I am still getting bigger even though I didn't think that was humanly possible. Please hurry Baby Bacon.

Memorial Day

Grandma Helen's grave

My Parents grave

Casey and I drove down to Salina to visit my parents' grave for Memorial Day this year. It was freezing and super windy but it was nice to see my Grandpa Jack and Jer and Sarah and the boys. I haven't been in years to see the grave and so it was nice to pay tribute to the people I love the most! I look horrible in all of the pictures but such is life when you are 9 months pregnant ;)