Monday, May 24, 2010

Hawaii 2010

Our Awesome Swimming pool!

We enjoyed many hours laying out by this massive gorgeous pool

This is a beautiful courtyard on the hotel grounds.
There were a couple of black head swans and some cute ducks
wandering around.

Of course there were beautiful flowers everywhere!

There were several hammocks throughout the grounds

Casey's best totem pole pose :)

This is the beach that is right outside the Marriott

I love this picture. Casey is smiling so nicely! I think
the dark silhouette of the palm trees looks beautiful.

Eating at Portifinos and enjoying the view!

This beach was gorgeous. The sun was setting
and there were surfers everywhere. I do not love
this picture of me but I think Casey's look is especially lovely!

The gang at the 4 mile mark of our 8 mile hike.
We all look a little rough!

Hanakapiai Falls

The views and scenery on the hike were stunning.

This picture is my favorite of the whole trip. I've
swallowed my pride and posted it (lets be honest
I look like a weirdo) Casey's face is priceless! We were
facing into the sun and the squint factor was in full force.

Oh how I love Hawaii! Casey and I were able to go to Kauai the first week of May. We joined his parents and his sister Cari and her husband Jason. We stayed at the Marriott and enjoyed every minute of it.

We went on a beautiful hike to Hanakapiai Falls. It is an 8 mile hike round trip. 4 miles into the Falls and then 4 back to the start. I'm pretty sure that's the longest and most beautiful hike I have ever been on. I was absolutely filthy and should have planned better for photo opportunities. We woke up extremely early and I opted for no make up and a braid. (not my best look) Parts of the hike were a little tricky. We had to cross the river several times and grapple on some steep rock inclines but all in all it was a nice easy hike! I loved it!

The rest of the time we just relaxed and enjoyed the sunshine and refreshing ocean air! We ate many incredible meals and delicious desserts. ( my favorite was a delicious carrot cake with the most amazing cream cheese/butter cream frosting I've ever tasted)

I've been to all the major Islands now and I'm thinking Kauai is my new favorite. I love them all for the different beauty and fun they have to offer but Kauai is the epitome of what I think Hawaii should be ;) I cannot wait to go back!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Easy Cute Headbands

I was watching Studio Five one morning and they were making these cute necklaces out of metal washers. I loved the necklace idea but even more than that I loved the cute fabric flowers that were pinned to some of the necklaces. I researched some blogs and finally found an instructional post on how to make the flowers.

They are super easy to make and I thought they would be darling on a headband. If you know me well you know I have quite the impressive collection of headbands ;) I have been obsessed with making them for a few months now!