Saturday, April 18, 2009

On my way to a fit new Mii....

Have any of you tried the Wii fit? I love it! Case got it for me as an early birthday present and so I busted it out tonight and had some fun! I was nervous to get weighed...I have no idea how accurate it is but I weighed less than I thought I would. Also my BMI was within normal range! That's always a happy thing. I still have a very long way to go but I'm excited to get in shape!

I have been pretty good this week with eating well and being active. I broke down and had sugar today and I put sour cream ( it was light sour cream) on my tostada steps my friends ;) If anybody has any tips on how to ward of cravings I'd love to hear them. It seems like when I'm trying to be good sweets just sing to me. Don't even get me started on bread.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wake Up Call

Do you ever think....."Oh my goodness how did this happen?" Whether it's a messy house, an empty gas tank, a forgotten birthday, or a double chin? It seems like at those moments many of us tend to make excuses or worse than that we shirk all accountability and blame others. I know I do and honestly I am embarrassed. Well lucky for me I had somewhat of a wake up call yesterday. I realized how empowering it can be to know that I have the ability to take responsibility for my actions and become a better me! I can make a difference and I can change. For months now I have been unhappy with my body. I have gained weight simply from being inactive and making poor choices. Guess what? I can fix that! All I need is discipline and motivation and I can get back into shape and back into my skinny jeans! Its seems like common sense but for some reason it had slipped my mind and as a result not only was I unhappy but I was letting outside forces rule my life! It won't be easy in fact I'm sure I'll fall flat on my face many times, but any effort to improve one's life is worth the battle. This concept works with anything we are struggling with. It's pretty amazing what we are capable of once we are willing to take the first step! It's official....the first step has been taken!