Saturday, March 17, 2012

9 months old!!!

9 months

love me some bare skin ;)

Easton James
9 months old
17.75 Lbs
28.5 ''

Easton Loves:

Easton Hates:
being left alone
getting dressed
sitting still
having his hands held
getting his face wiped

Easton is moving all over the place now. He is a super fast scooter and is very determined to get where he wants to go. Changing his clothes and diaper have gotten ridiculous. I have to bribe him with all kinds of shiny objects, I otherwise would not let him have, just to get him to hold still for 5 seconds while I get his diaper off and a new one on. (cute and silly but also kind of stinkerish and buggy).

Easton still loves Baby Einstein, but he no longer will sit through the whole thing. He gets distracted with all of the potential for destruction around him. Whenever music plays he kind of bounces to the beat. So adorable. He has also learned to shake his head no. He still doesn't have the exact right context of when to use it, but its adorable.

Easton has 6 teeth now. Two bottom and four top. The top four took forever to cut though the gums and they made him miserable. He also got a nasty earache about 3 weeks ago. I was devastated to see my baby so sad and in pain.

Easton loves to eat solids!! He will open his mouth to anything I offer. He especially loves cheese and oranges. He gets ticked when I take the rind away from him. He also babbles as he eats. The second food hits his mouth he starts to make noise. (very "What About Bob")

We went to the park for the first time last week and he loved the swings and the slide. Easton loves being outside and going for walks. I am so excited that the weather is getting warmer. We will be spending a lot more time outside now!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Oh this baby boy brings so much joy into my life! I cannot express what it means to me to have the opportunity to raise this precious angel. Being a mother is the most amazing, tiring, confusing, exciting, and joyous calling I have ever been given. The poor kid basically gets smothered in kisses all day everyday. Love my baby boy.