Saturday, January 14, 2012

7 Months Old!!!!

so stinkin cute

too funny not to share
(he was so over our photo shoot)

Easton James
7 months

Easton Loves:
his binki
baby einstein
splashing in the bath
making loud noises

Easton Hates:
getting dressed
being lotioned
having his nose picked
hair clippers

Easton is sitting up now and rolling all over the place. He will sit and play with toys on his own. (such a big boy ) Its fun to see his little mind working as he explores all the things that are now within his reach because he can move around. We've had to be a lot more careful about leaving the room when E is on the ground. He's fast and he rolls into the weirdest places. I have found him under chairs and high centered on toys.

He is so noisy lately. He babbles and yells all of the time. He has this nasty little scream that he started a few weeks ago. Both Casey and I despise it and we are trying to teach him its not ok to scream. UGH!!!

He is a little piggy! He eats solids so well now. Just the other day he finished two full containers of baby food in one sitting. At first I was worried the poor little guy was starving, but then I realized who is father is and what that guy can eat. I guess Case passed on his impressive appetite to our son.

Casey gave him his first haircut a few weeks ago. He didn't take off too much and E's hair really does look better, but it was hard for me to watch my baby get his first haircut.

Love our silly monkey so much!!! I kind of want time to stand still though because my baby is growing up way too fast. He recognizes both Case and I really well now and will kick with joy when either of us walk into a room. ( melts me) What a joy Easton is in our lives.