Thursday, July 12, 2012

12 months old!!!!

Happy Birthday Stinky

Easton James
12 months
20.2 lbs
30.5 "

Easton Loves:
cars, trucks, buses

Easton Hates:
diaper changes
face being wiped
sitting still
loud noises

I am so behind on posting this darn update. Easton celebrated his 1st birthday last month on the 14th. We had a little party with family on the 9th. We had water balloons and some splash pools set up for the kids while the adults enjoyed some delicious BBQ and way too many sweets! Easton was spoiled by his family and seemed to enjoy being the center of attention.

Easton has officially entered into toddlerdom. I am loving this phase and all of its naughtiness ;) He has learned so many new things. He is starting to imitate noises and sounds. He can say dada, momma, yeah, uh uh(no), gog (dog), duck, eat, baby, jesus, vroom vroom, cheese, shoes, woo woo (woof woof for dog noise) quack, ribbit, and probably a few more that I am missing.

He started walking about 10 days ago. Papa Bill witnessed it before anyone else. He looks like baby Frankenstein and I love it! He loves to push and pull things anywhere and everywhere. He has a little walker that he maneuvers all over the house. He is obsessed with taking something out of a container or drawer or cupboard and putting it into another container. I find some pretty random stuff in some very random places :)

He loves to snuggle with his blanket anytime of day but especially before nap and bed time. He can give kisses now and is so proud of himself when he does it. We are so incredibly in love with our baby boy. He is reaching such a fun interactive time in his life. What a joy he is to us all!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

11 months old!!!!

Easton James
11 months

Easton loves:

Easton hates:
sitting still
being reverent in church
getting his diaper changed
going to the doctor

This post is way overdue.  I was meaning to post weeks ago and have just been so lazy about it.  Easton is everywhere these days.  He finally started doing a normal crawl (no more crazy fast army crawl).  He cruises around pretty much every surface in the house and pulls up on everything. He will stand unsupported for a few seconds.  He has mastered the stairs.  Up and down which is quite impressive.  He is like his daddy and figures things out very quickly.

He loves to open and close doors and drawers.  His little fingers are in grave danger most of the time.   He loves Casey and when I say "Where's daddy"  he looks around for him and says dada.  His newest word is "uh oh".  I love how it sounds but love even more how adorable his little mouth looks while saying it. He has also started saying "vroom vroom" and "woof woof"   He learned how to point recently and loves to point at the most random things.  

Easton's infinity for being a stinker is getting stronger everyday. He tests both Case and I and has even started shaking his finger at us and saying nuh nuh. "no no" He thinks its a game to rush to things he isn't allowed to touch.  Despite his mischievous little personality he melts me everyday.  I can't imagine life without my little stinky!  

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Is this really my kid?

Sometimes I look at Easton and cannot believe he is mine. Case and I, with Heavenly Fathers help, created this amazing little person! Easton is filled with personality and brings so much joy. I am afraid I maul the poor kid daily and smoother him in smooches constantly. I cannot get enough of him. I love him and feel so blessed he belongs to me. I think he is pretty dang cute if I do say so myself ;)

Monday, April 16, 2012

10 months old!!!!

Easton James
10 months old

Easton Loves:
baby einstein

Easton Hates:
being wiped
getting dressed
having his diaper changed
sitting still

A lot has changed in this past month. Easton is now a very fast scooter. He likes to stand holding on to things and he cruises around the furniture very slowly. He loves for us to hold his hands and walk/run him around the house. The faster we go the more he enjoys it. His little legs getting moving so fast and he can totally keep up. Both Case and I think he will be a speedy little bugger. He also tries to climb over or lunge off of everything.

He loves playing peekaboo with blankets. He can now wave bye bye, clap his hands, and give high fives. He insists on feeding himself and finally figured out how to hold his sippy cup. He is a very determined young man. He decided he was done nursing and basically weaned himself. At first I was really sad, but now I am loving the freedom of not having to pump at work!!!!

Easton makes the funniest noises. He always trills his tongue and makes these high little yelping noises. He says bah bah, momma, dada, and yeah. Yeah is my favorite and it kinda of sounds like uh yeah.

He is starting to learn how to be a stinker. He will look at Casey or I right before he is about to do something naughty and will shakes his head no, no. He can also shake his head yes but uses no a lot more often. He also has started throwing things out of the high chair, bath, shopping cart, car seat, etc.... He thinks he is hilarious. He also gets very upset when we take something away from him that he wants but shouldn't have. He basically flings himself on the floor crying. Isn't that supposed to happen during the terrible twos? We are in trouble!!!

Easton is really starting to love his books. This makes my heart happy as I am a fellow book lover. He can turn the pages on his own and will pat the characters and feel the little touch and feel patches on each page. He babbles the whole time like he is reading the story out loud.

We are so in love with our little man and feel like the time is flying by way too fast. It has been hard for me to let go of my sweet little baby and see him get closer and closer to the toddler stage. I kind of want to freeze time for a little while and just keep Easton little. I am sure many other moms feel the same way. Its hard to watch your babies grow up!!

Easton's first Easter

Easter has always been on of my favorite holidays. I remember that getting a pretty new dress was such a big deal to me. Well and the candy is the best candy all year!
I had a hard time picking out E's Easter outfit. I found the jacket and those adorable socks first and knew I had to have white shorts to go with them. This was not an easy task. When I finally found some they were $32!!!! I couldn't justify spending that much on something he was bound to wear only a few times and probably ruin anyway. After much heartache over walking away from the $32 pair, H&M came to the rescue. I think the outfit turned out to be darling. The tiny Sperry's were just the icing on the cake. I thought he looked so adorable I just had to do a photo shoot.
He didn't really care much about anything in his basket aside from the paper grass. He wanted to eat it so bad!!! Silly baby boy. It was a fun first Easter for our little man. So thankful for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. He has given us everything and brings so much peace and joy!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

9 months old!!!

9 months

love me some bare skin ;)

Easton James
9 months old
17.75 Lbs
28.5 ''

Easton Loves:

Easton Hates:
being left alone
getting dressed
sitting still
having his hands held
getting his face wiped

Easton is moving all over the place now. He is a super fast scooter and is very determined to get where he wants to go. Changing his clothes and diaper have gotten ridiculous. I have to bribe him with all kinds of shiny objects, I otherwise would not let him have, just to get him to hold still for 5 seconds while I get his diaper off and a new one on. (cute and silly but also kind of stinkerish and buggy).

Easton still loves Baby Einstein, but he no longer will sit through the whole thing. He gets distracted with all of the potential for destruction around him. Whenever music plays he kind of bounces to the beat. So adorable. He has also learned to shake his head no. He still doesn't have the exact right context of when to use it, but its adorable.

Easton has 6 teeth now. Two bottom and four top. The top four took forever to cut though the gums and they made him miserable. He also got a nasty earache about 3 weeks ago. I was devastated to see my baby so sad and in pain.

Easton loves to eat solids!! He will open his mouth to anything I offer. He especially loves cheese and oranges. He gets ticked when I take the rind away from him. He also babbles as he eats. The second food hits his mouth he starts to make noise. (very "What About Bob")

We went to the park for the first time last week and he loved the swings and the slide. Easton loves being outside and going for walks. I am so excited that the weather is getting warmer. We will be spending a lot more time outside now!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Oh this baby boy brings so much joy into my life! I cannot express what it means to me to have the opportunity to raise this precious angel. Being a mother is the most amazing, tiring, confusing, exciting, and joyous calling I have ever been given. The poor kid basically gets smothered in kisses all day everyday. Love my baby boy.