Wednesday, December 14, 2011

6 months old!!!!

Love this baby!

How can you resist this face?

E loves to hang out by the tree
and admire the lights

showing off his two front teeth

chipmunk cheeks ;)

Easton James
6 months
16 lbs
27 in

Little E is six months old today. My heart is breaking because my baby is getting so big. The time is flying by way too fast. Every day we love him more and feel so blessed to have this silly baby boy in our lives.

Easton has his two bottom teeth now. He is constantly gnawing on anything and everything including fingers so watch out! His drooling has reached a new level of impressiveness. If I don't put a bib on him I have to change his clothes after about 1o minutes because he is dripping wet.

He now reaches for things with both arms stretched out. ( so adorable) He is becoming more and more snugly. He loves silly voices and has this funny little half laugh he does that melts me. Each morning after he wakes up we go visit Grandma Chrispy and Easton dances for us in the mirror. He moves his little legs so fast like he's doing an irish jig. We love it!!

Easton is a happy boy and generally doesn't fuss. He is becoming more vocal and will just yell happily all of the time. He is mesmerized by Baby Einstein and would watch for hours if we would let him.

Easton Loves:
bath time
baby einstein dvds
his blue teddy bear
funny voices
his bink

Easton Hates:
getting dressed
having his face wiped
having his nose picked
baby einstein toy that makes animal noises