Sunday, June 10, 2012

11 months old!!!!

Easton James
11 months

Easton loves:

Easton hates:
sitting still
being reverent in church
getting his diaper changed
going to the doctor

This post is way overdue.  I was meaning to post weeks ago and have just been so lazy about it.  Easton is everywhere these days.  He finally started doing a normal crawl (no more crazy fast army crawl).  He cruises around pretty much every surface in the house and pulls up on everything. He will stand unsupported for a few seconds.  He has mastered the stairs.  Up and down which is quite impressive.  He is like his daddy and figures things out very quickly.

He loves to open and close doors and drawers.  His little fingers are in grave danger most of the time.   He loves Casey and when I say "Where's daddy"  he looks around for him and says dada.  His newest word is "uh oh".  I love how it sounds but love even more how adorable his little mouth looks while saying it. He has also started saying "vroom vroom" and "woof woof"   He learned how to point recently and loves to point at the most random things.  

Easton's infinity for being a stinker is getting stronger everyday. He tests both Case and I and has even started shaking his finger at us and saying nuh nuh. "no no" He thinks its a game to rush to things he isn't allowed to touch.  Despite his mischievous little personality he melts me everyday.  I can't imagine life without my little stinky!  

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