Thursday, July 12, 2012

12 months old!!!!

Happy Birthday Stinky

Easton James
12 months
20.2 lbs
30.5 "

Easton Loves:
cars, trucks, buses

Easton Hates:
diaper changes
face being wiped
sitting still
loud noises

I am so behind on posting this darn update. Easton celebrated his 1st birthday last month on the 14th. We had a little party with family on the 9th. We had water balloons and some splash pools set up for the kids while the adults enjoyed some delicious BBQ and way too many sweets! Easton was spoiled by his family and seemed to enjoy being the center of attention.

Easton has officially entered into toddlerdom. I am loving this phase and all of its naughtiness ;) He has learned so many new things. He is starting to imitate noises and sounds. He can say dada, momma, yeah, uh uh(no), gog (dog), duck, eat, baby, jesus, vroom vroom, cheese, shoes, woo woo (woof woof for dog noise) quack, ribbit, and probably a few more that I am missing.

He started walking about 10 days ago. Papa Bill witnessed it before anyone else. He looks like baby Frankenstein and I love it! He loves to push and pull things anywhere and everywhere. He has a little walker that he maneuvers all over the house. He is obsessed with taking something out of a container or drawer or cupboard and putting it into another container. I find some pretty random stuff in some very random places :)

He loves to snuggle with his blanket anytime of day but especially before nap and bed time. He can give kisses now and is so proud of himself when he does it. We are so incredibly in love with our baby boy. He is reaching such a fun interactive time in his life. What a joy he is to us all!

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