Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween

Easton's first Halloween was a busy one!! Saturday night we went to Great Grandma and Grandpa Pyper's neighborhood to trick or treat with all of the cousins. Sunday we got together with both sides of the family for a delicious taco dinner and then a lively round of "Cackle Witch Cackle". Monday night we went to Claudia's for chili, cornbread, and homemade doughnuts!!! We had lots of long days and late nights and E was a champ! He is becoming such a mellow good baby! He looked adorable in his little skeleton outfit and his "mummy loves me" jammies. E's skeleton outfit glows in the dark and so we would turn out all of the lights and have him dance in front of the mirror. It was hilarious and Easton loved it ;)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

4 months old!!!

Easton at 4 months:
14 lbs 4 oz
25.5 inches

Easton Loves:
grabbing things and shoving them in his mouth
going from sitting to standing with moms help
assisted sit ups
tummy time
bath time
baby mozart

Easton Hates:
having his nose prodded for boogers
being strapped into the car seat
being hot
waiting for food

Easton is a tall little guy with just the perfect amount of chub! He is growing nicely and is reaching milestones right on track. He has just started entertaining and talking to himself. I can tell he loves the sound of his voice. When he is chilling with his toys he gets really serious and it's almost like he is yelling at his toys. It is hilarious.

He is very social and loves watching people. He gives smiles freely and is laughing much more often now and for longer periods of time. He currently loves to dance in front of the mirror with mom. His favorite song is "The Itsy Bitsy Spider".

Easton went through a two week period of constipation. So horrible for everyone!!!! He was miserable and so were Case and I. After lots of diluted fruit juice, tummy massages, rectal stimulation, and finally several suppositories, our little guy is back on track and pooping all on his own!!! Hooray. (sorry if that is tmi, but I wanted to write it down so I have a record of it)

I was so desperate to help E sleep better that I decided to revisit swaddling (so many of my friends swear by it) I went online and read several articles about swaddling and different techniques. The first time I tried it he fell asleep within 1 minute. Miracle!!!!! It was always such a struggle to get E to sleep and now it's no big deal. He does still wake up more than I would like at night, but he always goes right back to sleep after eating or putting the binki back in. Why oh why did I not figure out swaddling earlier? ;))

We love our little man and cannot believe how much he is changing and growing. He is becoming more adorable everyday. He is our biggest source of entertainment. We love watching him be the silly baby that he is!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

On the Move!

Easton is officially rolling over. The first time he did it he kind of scared himself and looked really worried but then broke into a huge smile because he was no longer on his tummy. (victory) He used to detest being on his tummy but is now starting to enjoy tummy time. While on his tummy he scrunches his legs up and tries to get on his knees! This is very alarming to me because he is still so little. I am not ready for my baby to start moving but he has other plans. He has been a mover and shaker since day one. He rarely holds still.

He is becoming more vocal and loves to hear himself gab. When he is tired he gets this really serious tone that makes me giggle. He is going to be a goofball like his dad. He loves to be silly and has the most adorable smile in the world!

He has started falling asleep in his crib which is a miracle! I usually had to rock him or nurse him to sleep or there was serious screaming. We decided to practice the extinction method and let him cry himself to sleep. (so sad ) It works! We still aren't perfect (all 3 of us sometimes struggle) but for the most part it has gone very well and he really only cries for a few minutes at the most now! I believe this helps him sleep longer and he is able to put himself back to sleep when he wakes up at night. Wahoo for better sleeping at the Bacon's!!

Easton has started to recognize his food! When I get ready to nurse he holds his hands out and tries to grab on. So adorable. With his bottle he grabs on and brings it to his mouth. Such a little smarty pants. He is so impatient with his food so it's really funny to watch him frantically reach for it!

Easton loves sitting in the bumbo. He also really enjoys watching Baby Mozart from the Baby Einstein series. It's 18 minutes of guaranteed time for me to get things done!

We are moving!!! Casey has decided to go back to BYU for winter semester and finish a BA in Computer Science. We are going to live with his parents in Provo to save some cash and have help with E when we can't coordinate work and school schedules. We are excited for this little adventure and feel great about this next step in our lives. We are sad to be leaving our fabulous apartment and our wonderful friends and especially moving away from Kim and her fam! We will have to come back to PG often to visit our peeps!