Monday, February 20, 2012

mini missionary

I hope they call me on a mission.....

I promise to wear pants ;)

Scootin Baby

8 months old!!!!

Easton James
8 months

Happy Boy

Last time in the bumbo :(
(shortly after this picture he flopped
out of the bumbo. Luckily I had
moved it to the floor!)

Easton Loves:
baby einstein
banging toys together
straps, strings, cords
riding in the shopping cart

Easton Hates:
getting dressed
having anything on his face wiped
sitting still
having toys taken away

Time is flying! I look at my baby boy and wonder how he got so big so fast. Easton is becoming very independent. He wants to feed himself and turn the pages of his book and hold whatever somebody else has. He no longer wants to sit still on my lap. He practically flings himself towards whatever he wants.

He is quite the scooter and roller. His scooting is hilarious. It is more like a swim stroke than actual scooting but it gets him where he wants to go.

He finally got his top two teeth after weeks of being a little miserable and a lot drooly! He has a fierce bite. I have to watch my fingers. He did the dreaded bite while nursing the other day. It was a product of him being tired and not really aware but man it hurt and made me jump!

We found out last night E has a nasty earache. He was screaming or crying a good portion of the day and by 7 p.m. he had a pretty high fever so we took him to the Dr. Poor little man was the most miserable I have ever seen him. It broke my heart. He is doing much better today though and is on an antibiotic to get rid of the infection. So glad my happy little guy is feeling more like himself.

Easton is the joy of our lives. His spirit is so sweet, fun, and goofy. He makes us laugh and smile all of the time. We are so blessed by this little man.