Wednesday, September 14, 2011

3 months old!!!!

Easton loves his squishy ball

3 months old

Easton is 3 months old today! E is getting so big and is becoming so much fun to play with. He is very interactive and talkative. He has a full belly laugh now and loves when Case and I sing to him and play little games with him.

He is very close to rolling over. He scoots in circles by kicking his legs and pushing off of things. He loves to grab things and put them in his mouth. He especially loves to do this with blankets. He loves his squishy ball (because it is so light and easy to grab) and he also loves his baby einstein music toy.

Easton drools constantly. He is pretty much dripping with drool. He reminds me of a little hound dog with his droopy cheeks and all of that drool ;) He still loves his bath and still hates to sleep. He is getting better at night but it's always a struggle to get that boy to go to sleep!

We love him more everyday and are having so much fun getting to know him and his goofy personality.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Conversations with Easton

Easton is a very chatty baby. His noises are so hilarious and adorable. However, when he makes these noises in the middle of the night instead of sleeping they are a little less adorable. Disregard my lameness as I talk to my son. I know I sound like a doofus and I am ok with that ;)