Wednesday, March 24, 2010

From sun to snow to torrential rain in less than a day....oh the joys of traveling the country

I enjoyed some fabulous pool time in Santa Barbara yesterday. I went out to the pool around 5 pm and enjoyed the 70+ degree warmth for a few glorious hours. Just over twelve hours later I touched down in Denver to nearly a foot of snow and temperatures in the twenties! What the what?

I am in Arkansas now and I am soaking wet! I went for a walk in a comfortable 59 degree climate and after a 20 minute walk and an hour in Barnes and Noble I decided to make the trek back to my hotel. It looked pretty gray outside but I figured I could make the 20 minute walk back before the rains came. Uh.....I was wrong. Lets just say that It's a good thing I wear a padded bra! I pretty much look like I decided to take a shower with my clothes on.

Call it a perk or call it a curse; different time zones and different climates in just around 24 hours! I'm off to sit in the jacuzzi to warm my drenched body.